Life Gourmet’s gastronomy is rooted in everyday cuisine, cooking among wood-burning stoves that preserves time-honored recipes with excellent ingredients, a cuisine elaborated with care, traditional but innovative and alive at the same time.

We always start by meticulously selecting the raw materials, devoting time and dedication to always make the best produce available to our team of cooks. At our house, flavors are always obtained from top-quality products. The Mediterranean gastronomic heritage is another one of our pillars. It is the foundation of our cuisine; we don’t believe that everything is already invented but we are convinced that tradition should never be forgotten, even if we widely practice avant-garde techniques and elaborations.

Sometimes, we merge our kitchen with products particular to other regions’ cuisines that we consider to be of an exceptional quality. These products are integrated in our menus by means of food stands, Show Cooking or Buffets.

But our main secret is to participate in all elements of our recipes; we cook all of our dishes personally, never allowing outsiders who don’t understand the gastronomic philosophy of Life Gourmet participate in something so important.

It’s probable that controlling each and every one of the elements that make up our dishes, from rigorously shopping to presenting the final result at a table, is not the most profitable but we have other priorities. We have been taught to always give our customers the best, even if it costs us more; we do not know how to do it any other way. We would love to be able to enjoy a successful gastronomic experience with you if you’ll allow us to provide it at your next event.

See you soon, Life Gourmet


Life Gourmet offers restless, artisanal and avant-garde cuisine, attentive to new developments that can satisfy and connect with all types of tastes and customers.

Catering has ceased to be considered something ordinary and linked to the same occasional celebrations; but has become a highly demanded service, adaptable to any type of event.

Life Gourmet, aware of this reality, designs a dynamic, varied and creative culinary offering.

Ramón Freixa Catering Life Gourmet
The prestigious chef, recognized with two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, and Life Gourmet have combined their dynamism and experience to create a culinary offering in the most exclusive spaces of Madrid.


Life Gourmet specializes in food and Kosher products and in guaranteeing the culinary needs of the Jewish community based in Madrid.

Life Gourmet Catering holds the Kashrut certificate from the Jewish Community of Madrid, granted by Rav Moshe Bendahan, Chief Rabbi.

Life Gourmet has been recognized by Stadium Race and the online publications MK MZ Magazine or Camino de los satélites.

Life Gourmet has demonstrated a high level of specialization from investigating the flavors of traditional recipes, analyzing the different versions they have around the world, and adding an exquisite touch.

Life Gourmet


Life Gourmet offers authentic gastronomic experiences.
Life Gourmet understands cuisine as a challenge in which everything is possible.
As a continuous process of observation and inquiry, of balance and courage, personality and freshness.
Here you’ll find some of the latest experiences created by Life Gourmet.

Open your eyes.

Life Gourmet has an ample team of professionals, capable of guaranteeing the success of any planned event.

Private Events
Birthdays, communions, anniversaries. Life Gourmet makes any celebration special. A unique occasion to enjoy family and friends.

Life Gourmet specializes in organizing weddings with their own personality, where cuisine takes a special role when served in singular spaces, with a privileged location. Life Gourmet takes care of every detail to make every union unique.

Uniqueness and personalization. This is the commitment that Life Gourmet makes to respond to many companies that seek to carry out their activities in a different way, in places and formats that allow them to offer a different corporate image. To make this possible, the commercial department of Life Gourmet offers an integral service which includes coordination, production and assembly, both technical and culinary, for the selected space and extra actions requested for each occasion.